We know a lot of information is transmitted through means which you can't see when you are online researching, utilizing social media or shopping.  We want you to know what happens with your information on our Web site.  So please read our Privacy Policy and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

Privacy Policy Statement

Information We Collect

We collect information you provide to us when you register with us, submit products to us, request products, services or information from us, purchase from us, respond to customer surveys, or otherwise interact with us. Or, when you submit your information to us for any other reason.   

Third Parties

At no time does LavishUForLess share any of your personal information to third party vendors; this includes your name, address, photos, payment information, phone number(s) and email address. 

Be aware, information you provide on a third party site or platform can  (chat areas,  messages you post on publicly view platforms...)may be separately collected by the third party site, platform or individuals and used without our knowledge or consent.  

The  information the third party site or platform collects is subject to the third party site or platform’s privacy practices. Privacy choices you make on the third party site or platform will not apply to our use of the information we collect directly through our services.  


How Is Your Information Protected

LavishUForLess does not store any of your financial information on our server(s).

Your  the data provided during your checkout portion of shopping on our online store is done using the secure socket layer protocol, (SSL) indicated in you search engine's address bar beginning with the following (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) letters, https:

What Happens If We Revise the Privacy Policy

Should any revisions be made to our Privacy Policy we will notify registered users by email 


By using our Web site you choose to consent to our online Privacy Policy. 


If you have questions concerning our Privacy Policy please reach out to us at:

email:    info@lavish.com
phone:  443.456.8822

Privacy Policy


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