Estate Clean Out Services

Do you have unsold clothing, shoes and accessories left over from an Estate Sale?  Are you the administrator or executor for the estate of someone who loved fashion? If so, we are pleased to offer you our free fashion focused estate clean out service.   


What We Do For You


 We can help you better service your clients during the post estate sale process or estate administration process by utilizing one or a combination of the options listed below.


No matter which option is chosen, we'll travel to the estate, pack everything up and transport it away. All at no cost to you or your client.  


1.  Pack, pickup & go

2.  Bulk buyout liquidation

3.  Consignment

Pack, pickup & go:  Best when your client just wants the items gone and removed from the home as quickly as possible.


Bulk buyout liquidation:  Client wants items gone, but also wants to know if there is the possibility of receiving some money for them. Our payout is based on total weight of items. (No worries, we'll handle the weighing process so you don't have to.)

Consignment:  Best for clients with luxury or high end items.  Our payout to clients is 50%-80% on items we sale.  Learn about our consignment process.

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